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  • The Genetics & Molecular Components of Glioma Patients

    Includes Credits

    The management of both low and high-grade gliomas is increasingly made based on more than histopathology. A more complete understanding of tumor genetics and molecular biology permits one to offer individualized treatments and determine prognosis in greater detail. This course will address the histological classification of gliomas as well as the significance of common molecular and genetic mutations. 0.25 CME credits available. Free to Members and NonMembers

  • Use of Prophylactic Anti-Epileptic Drugs

    Includes Credits

    Seizures can be an important presenting symptom of many neurological diseases and have the potential to worsen clinical outcome. While the use of anti-epileptic medication leads to prevention of future seizures, the negative impact on neuro-cognition are well documented. This course evaluates the necessity of anti-epileptic drug (AED) use for seizure prophylaxis in patients presenting with neurosurgical diseases. Current guidelines pertaining to seizure prophylaxis are also reviewed. 0.25 CME credit available. Free to Members and NonMembers

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